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Sol Raiders VR: A PVP VR Shooter For 2-8 Players

Welcome to Sol Raiders, the exciting competitive shooter game that will take you on an action-packed adventure across the galaxy. Using cutting-edge virtual reality technology, stunning graphics with diverse and futuristic maps, and realistic sound effects, Sol Raiders offers an unforgettable gaming experience of action packed objectives and heart-pounding firefights that you won’t want to miss. Play the ultimate competitive virtual reality experience for up to 8 people today!



Game Time

15Mins Approx.

Game Type

Player Vs. Player

For Ages


Game Time

Sol Raiders is a fast-paced game that’s designed to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The game lasts approximately 15 minutes, giving you just enough time to experience the excitement and adrenaline rush of a competitive space adventure. With multiple levels and challenging obstacles, you’ll need to stay focused and work together to achieve victory. Battle with veterans and casuals alike, and win however you can at Zero Latency VR!

Game Type

Sol Raiders is a competitive shooter game that requires you to work with your team to outsmart and outmaneuver the opposing team. With a variety of weapons and gadgets at your disposal, you’ll need to use your skills and expertise to achieve victory. Each player brings their own unique abilities to the game, so you’ll need to work together to make the most of your strengths and defeat the opposing team.

Sol Raiders VR: The Ultimate Competitive Player Vs Player VR Experience For 2-8

The Earth is gone. The last remnants of humanity travel the universe, following strange alien beacons. We found new worlds. Now it’s time to get rich. The aliens left behind Sol, a power source unlike any other. If you get the Sol, you’ve got it made. We pilot our combat rigs between the worlds looking for Sol. The winners make the score. The losers are just scrap metal.

In the virtual reality experience of Sol Raiders, you pilot a Combat Rig. Complete unique objectives through a series of amazing locations, complete with unique team-based combat. Form a crew and participate in blistering arena fights. But remember, combat rigs are controlled remotely, so replacement rigs can quickly be sent through the Rift when they are destroyed. Rigs are expensive though. Your handler might get annoyed if you break too many!

Sol Raiders is a competitive shooter game that pits two teams of up to eight players against each other in a thrilling space adventure. With a variety of weapons, gadgets, and team-based strategies, you’ll need to use your skills and expertise to outsmart and outmaneuver the opposing team. With immersive graphics and sound effects, you’ll feel like you’re really in the middle of the action.


Sol Raiders is a multiplayer game that can be played with two to eight players. Whether you want to enjoy a night out with friends, bond with colleagues, or have a fun family outing, Sol Raiders is the perfect choice. With a range of team-based strategies and tactics, you’ll need to work together to outsmart and outmaneuver the opposing team.

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